Spot Welder
This is a very useful machine for the printer head repair and remanufacturing industry. This can be used for spot-welding the hammers on to the spring plates. This is very useful for repair of OKI 520 / 521 type of print heads and is the only machine that has been specifically designed for this.
This machine is a very compact machine as it uses a “capacitor discharge through transformer” technology. Using this machine one can spot-weld not only displaced hammers back to the spring plate but you can also re-weld the entire spring plate to the base plate.
Silver Brazing Machine
Technical Details
Universal Test Jig
This machine uses a bank of capacitors to store the charge that is needed to generate the high current for the spot welding. The current is amplified by passing it through a current transformer. When the welding operation is to be done, this very high current is passed through the two electrodes with the job in the between them. The heat that is generated due to the high current fuses the metal parts and generates a very high strength bond.
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As the machine uses removable external copper electrodes, various models of electrode can be made to suit all your requirements. This machine offers a foot pedal operated electrode lever and hence the operator can have both his hands free to hold and place the job.
Distinctive features of the Spot Welder can be summarized as under
 Can be used for all types of spot welding application for the print head repair &    remanufacturing industry.
 Removable electrodes make it highly suitable for print head industry, as various    electrodes can be kept ready for different models of print heads.
 Very compact as it uses Capacitor discharge type of technology.This machine    can be easily used as a standard tabletop machine.
 Very easy operation, virtually no training required.
 Noise less operation.

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