Aqua Welder
As the name suggests this handy and hence portable "Aqua Welder" models generate Oxygen & Hydrogen Gas by electro dissociation of water and this is used as the fuel for the heat source. This machine has been specifically designed to take care of all Silver Brazing needs in any Print head remanufacturing setup. This machine can very well be used to do Silver brazing of .2 mm pins like in the LQ heads and even .35 mm pins in the DFX heads.
Technical Details
Only distilled water and electric power is consumed during its operation. Oxygen and Hydrogen Gases produced and thoroughly mixed in right proportion in the gas generator chamber, when burnt at the torch tip yield a clean flame with a temperature of the order of 3000o C. To help dissociation of water an electrolyte is used which is poured in the generator cell only in the beginning and once only. Further operation of the generator consumes only distilled water. This reduces the running cost of this self-reliant gas generator to only few cents per hour.
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The size of the flame produced as above is a function of the gas pressure (easily controllable on the unit) and the size of the needles (easily changeable) used along with the torch.
Passing gases through Methyl alcohol can further modify flame characteristics. This is done in a separate small chamber outside the generator cell. The alcohol vapor, mixed with the gases, gives the flame a reducing characteristic. Simultaneously a larger flame with a reduced temperature of about 1400o C.
The temperature of the work piece to be heated can be manipulated at will by selecting proper flame size and adjusting distance of the flame from the work piece.
Distinctive features of the Aqua Welder flame can be summarized as under
Adjustable size of the flame right from micro – miniature to moderate range.
Maneuverability of the flame character (oxidizing or reducing) by minor external   adjustments.
Using a particular size of needle can control the size of the flame. For different needles different current settings are required. The exact value of current required for a particular size of needle depends on the work to be done and the operator’s choice. This is the most suitable machine for Printer head repairs and refurbishing.

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